We Can Help You Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

Are you planning to use your website and other digital media to promote your business? Internet Marketing strategies like Pay per click advertising with Google Adwords or social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter are no different than traditional marketing. There are some fundamental steps you need to take to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success and to avoid wasting your marketing dollars!

Montreal Email Marketing

Now your emails will display beautifully on all devices

It’s hard to believe the humble email is 45 years old. When Ray Tomlinson sent the first Internet-based electronic mail back in late 1971, who could have imagined it would survive in the world of Facebook and Skype?

Today, tens of millions of email-enabled devices are in use. With the emergence of smartphones, coupled with responsive design, email marketing is more powerful and accessible than ever before.

So, just like Ray, why not get experimental? Let  Ocean Marketing get you started!  Call us today at 1-514-346-4745 or fill out our free quote form.

Montreal Social Media

Montreal Social Media: Creating Dialogue with Your Customers

Montreal Social media marketing is an important component of any business’s overall internet marketing strategy. It is also often misunderstood. With social media, you do not promote products and services directly rather you foster discussion and then listen to what people have to say about you and your industry. The closer you are to your clientele, the more you’ll increase your sales and the more loyal your clients will be.


Montreal SEO (search engine optimization)

Are your looking for a  Montreal SEO company you can trust? Ocean Marketing is a top-notch Montreal-based search engine optimization company with adapted and scalable SEO packages for every budget.