A Taste of Italy in the Old Port

Restaurant Epik

Italy has inspired the world in so many ways. But it’s the passions and flavors of Italy that stay in our collective imagination.

The simplicity of fresh and savoury recipes that are passed down through generations creating memorable moments with friends and family resonates in our souls.

Eating “Italian Style” is more than merely eating. When one sits down at an Italian table, time is taken to savour each course, to enjoy those sharing your meal, and to relax after a busy day.

Italians share a passion for food, which is probably why life in Italy has always revolved around the kitchen. At Epik, the kitchen is at the heart of the dining area. Experience our Chef’s performance and witness the art and love of cooking up close and personal, or chose a more private table to better enjoy each other.

Either way, you will experience the epic tastes and textures of classic food inspired by Italy.

Enjoy an epicurean experience at Restaurant Épik and live life as it should be lived …


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